Run the Race in Romania

The UMC in Romania is not only a young Church – it also offers a variety of attractive activities to young people – for instance the “Run the Race Camp”.
In Summer 2019, the fourth “Run the Race Camp” took place. More than 60 young people met in the Sequoia Park – children and youth from families of the UMC in Romania, but also children and youth who are living in homes and who are accompanied by people of the Church throughout the whole year. There were also some participants that were not so young anymore. Together, they had a time of adventures and fun.
“We split up into five teams that remained together for the whole time”, reported Superintendent Rares Calugar. These teams were challenged to complete numerous team-building tasks, to be creative, and to solve problems. Together, they also had to complete a photo treasure hunt of four hours. When they were successful, they earned envelopes to be used later.
“Historically, this camp has been geared towards sports competition, and many children really love this part of the camp”, said Rares Calugar. This year’s camp, however, had a slightly different focus. The leaders primarily wanted to underline the importance of sustainable fellowship and of building new relationships and strengthening existing ones. And they wanted to offer an opportunity to learn, to grow – and to worship together. As far as the theme of the meeting was concerned, the leaders decided “to focus on identity and our place in the Body of Christ. Everyone has a place in this Body of Christ, and everyone has something special to offer.”
In addition to the various tasks that had to be completed, there were also several workshops such as crafting, music, and English. And during a funny karaoke night, the participants could show their enthusiasm for multiple genres of music.
In the closing worship service, it was finally time to open the earned envelopes. In each of them were words and phrases that, put in the right order, provided biblical responses to questions such as: “What is my identity? Who am I in God’s eyes? What is the purpose of my life?”
Rares Calugar’s conclusion after the “Run the Race Camp” was very positive: “Many told us: We need another camp next year! And I would say that is all the indication we need to know that this year’s camp was a success!”
Source: Supt. Rares Calugar, Cluj-Napoca/Romania