Change in the Leadership of the UMC in Slovakia

In May 2007 Pastor Robert Zachar was appointed as superintendent of the United Methodist Church in Slovakia – after about six years of service he will hand over this responsibility to Professor Pavel Prochazka.

Robert Zachar (43), who started his service as pastor of the UMC in Slovakia 16 years ago, is married to an English citizen and father of four children. He and his wife had planned long time ago that they would return to England one day. After many years of discerning and praying they realized that now would be a good time for this big change.

It will be an emergence into an unknown future, since Robert Zachar will, at least for now, not apply for an appointment in the Methodist Church in Britain but look for a secular job. «I believe the Lord has work for me there, as well, but it is not yet revealed.», said Robert Zachar. «In an effort to remain faithful to God and true to myself I am not prepared to simply join the church as a means of security. I will remain in prayer and search whether the Lord wants me in the ordained ministry in the church or outside of the church amongst the people who need to meet Christ.»

There are only 12 active clergy members in the UMC in Slovakia, among them only 5 ordained elders. The decision of the Zachar family is therefore a heavy loss and a considerable challenge for the church. But first of all District Council members and pastors expressed their sincere appreciation and thankfulness for the pastoral type of leadership of Robert Zachar.

Bishop Patrick Streiff appointed Pastor Pavel Prochazka (61) as new superintendent of the UMC in Slovakia. He will assume office on July 1, 2013. Pavel Prochazka, who also serves as professor at the Department of Theology and Christian Education at Matej-Bel-University in Banska Bystrica, has, together with his wife Miroslava, four adult children and several grandchildren.

Source: Bishop Patrick Streiff / Superintendent Robert Zachar
Date: April 9, 2013