The UMC in Poland

The UMC in Poland was established in 1920, as a result of missionary and humanitarian activities planned by The Episcopal Methodist Church, South (USA). During the years of Nazism (1939-1945) and Communism (1945-1989), the attitude of both regimes towards the UMC was ambivalent, which at least allowed its continued existence. Even so, the UMC was hit hard withthe nationalization of church buildings. Today, great importance is placed upon ministries with children, youth, and women. A far-reaching radio and television ministry is another priority for the UMC. At various places social service ministries have been established (e.g. «Step to Hope» focusing on addicted people and their families as well as on people affected by domestic violence). A theological seminary contributes to the education of the leaders of these ministries. On the other hand, the church is challenged by migration (many young and well-educated people leave the country) and by the fact that a number of church buildings are in urgent need of renovation and improvement. The UMC in Poland is working hard on building bridges and on developing a common Christian witness with many other churches in Poland. Thanks to this credible service in society and in interdenominational relations, the UMC is – at least in most of the larger cities – a recognized and appreciated church.

Statistical Information

Population: 37.9 millions
Area: 312,685 km2
Capital: Warsaw
Religion: Roman-Catholic (95%)
UMC Churches: 37
Professing members: 1,895
Active Clergy: 25
Origin: 1895/1920
Website: www.metodysci.pl

(January 2021)

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The Support of the UMC Family

The Reverend Zbigniew Kaminski’s experiences as a pastor in Poland during and after communist rule demonstrate the value of an interconnected church and faith community.


Gratefully into the new century

From October 28 to 31, 2021, not only a gathering of the Annual Conference of the UMC in Poland was held in Warsaw, but also a special anniversary was celebrated.

A new beginning with a heart full of dreams

When Pastor Dariusz Zuber and his wife Monika came to Elk in northeastern Poland in July 2012, they had many dreams. But they also had eyes that saw reality.