The United Methodist Church in Central and Southern Europe consists of approximately 33.500 members and friends living in 16 countries (you can find a map here), celebrating worship services in more than 20 languages and share God’s love in even more languages and expressions.

On this website you will learn more about this unique part of the  worldwide family of The United Methodist Church.

Bishop Dr. Patrick Streiff

What do we teach and how do we teach?

The Annual Conference meeting in Austria had to be postponed in May – as in all other countries of Central and Southern Europe. Nevertheless, there are interesting things to report about how the Methodists are doing in Austria in the current situation. An online study day on October 10, 2020, provided an opportunity for joint discussion.


High Award for Bishop Patrick Streiff

On Tuesday, October 6, 2020, Bishop Patrick Streiff was honored for his long-standing commitment to the people of Hungary with the country's highest State Order also awarded to foreign citizens: the Hungarian Order of Merit.


Hope Church in Budapest – Church of Hope

In Budapest (Hungary), there are three congregations of The United Methodist Church. The Hope Church is the smallest of them - but it has an amazing radiance, because it does not only carry hope in its name, but also lives it credibly.


Faith becomes active in love

The 2020 meeting of Bulgaria-Romania Provisional Annual Conference will probably remain the only one in which all members from at least one country and also the bishop can physically participate. Bulgaria still has low numbers of daily new Covid-19 infections at the end of September. So, the Annual Conference met in a shortened form from September 25-26 in Varna on the Black Sea.

Postponed with hope - caught up by reality

Various Annual Conference gatherings of The United Methodist Church (UMC) in the area of Central and Southern Europe were to be held in the first half of 2020. Due to the Corona pandemic, all these conferences were postponed until autumn. However, the hopes of that time do not seem to be fulfilled now in most countries.