The United Methodist Church in Central and Southern Europe consists of approximately 33.500 members and friends living in 16 countries (you can find a map here), celebrating worship services in more than 20 languages and share God’s love in even more languages and expressions.

On this website you will learn more about this unique part of the  worldwide family of The United Methodist Church.

Bishop Dr. Patrick Streiff

European Methodists and World Refugee Day

In 2000, the United Nations General Assembly decided that, from 2001, June 20 should be celebrated as World Refugee Day. The European Methodist Council has recently published a Liturgy that aims to enable Methodist congregations all over Europe to observe this special day and to focus on refugees and migrants in a special worship service on or around June 20.


The praying mantis in the car park

The Fund for Mission in Europe has been established by the European Methodist Council. Its aim is to provide an opportunity for Methodist congregations all over Europe to learn from one another and to help one another. The Project List 2019 invites you to support faith-sharing and diaconal projects – from Estonia to Albania, from Russia to Portugal.


Meeting of Czechia-Slovakia Annual Conference

The 2019 meeting of Czechia-Slovakia Annual Conference took place from May 17 to 19 in Prague. In the closing worship service, the congregation could not only hear words in Czech and Slovak but also in English (sermon of the Bishop) and in Russian (songs). 


And suddenly, the door was open

Pleven is the seventh most populous city of Bulgaria with approximately 100.000 inhabitants. It is not only the biggest economic center in Northwestern Bulgaria, but also home of a major Medical University with more than 1.000 students and academic employees. How can United Methodists reach out to these students if Bulgarian law does not make this easy at all?


Sharing the Gospel with Young People in Hungary

The members of Hungary Provisional Annual Conference met from April 25 to 28, 2019, in Óbuda (Budapest). On this occasion, they also celebrated the 20thanniversary of the new church building of Óbuda UMC.