The United Methodist Church in Central and Southern Europe consists of approximately 33.500 members and friends living in 16 countries (you can find a map here), celebrating worship services in more than 20 languages and share God’s love in even more languages and expressions.

On this website you will learn more about this unique part of the  worldwide family of The United Methodist Church.

Bishop Dr. Patrick Streiff

A dash of thought - December 2021

Who knows...

... what is still to come? There is great uncertainty in all European countries because another wave of corona has started. In early November, the new wave was already rising so strongly in the Eastern Balkans that I had to postpone a meeting with pastors in Bulgaria. But when I traveled at the end of November, I was confronted at the border with the question where I had my negative PCR test in addition to the vaccination certificate, because Switzerland had become a "red zone" the day before. Luckily, they didn't put me in a quarantine hotel....

... what is still to come? Since a few days, another, even more contagious virus mutation from South Africa has been causing unrest. In addition to tightened protective measures or lockdowns, countries introduce travel restrictions. They don't want the South African variant here, only the winter tourists from other countries. For me, the uncertainty is rising again whether the worldwide General Conference can take place in the USA next September - and afterwards, with a two-year delay, also episcopal elections and my own retirement.

... what will come? So much is uncertain and can trigger anger, fear or depression. Then it helps me to focus on the core of my faith, Jesus Christ, in whom “dwells bodily the whole fullness of God” (Col 2:9). In the midst of uncertainties beyond my control, it is vital for living with hope. HE has come into our world. HE will come again to complete his work. Your kingdom come! That’s why I celebrate Advent!

Bishop Patrick Streiff

Photo from JPlenio on Pixabay

Sometimes a heartbeat is enough

Many young people in North Macedonia see no future in their country and leave their home because they hope for better prospects elsewhere. Despite this – or perhaps precisely because of it – Dejan Vasilev is committed to helping young people and young adults with a wide heart.


The Support of the UMC Family

The Reverend Zbigniew Kaminski’s experiences as a pastor in Poland during and after communist rule demonstrate the value of an interconnected church and faith community.


Historical Election in the Czech Republic

United Methodist Superintendent Ivana Prochazkova was elected the first vice-president of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Czech Republic.


100+1 years of the UMC in the Czech Republic

This year's gathering of the Czech and Slovak Republics Annual Conference was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the UMC in the Czech Republic. Actually, it was already 100+1 years, because the anniversary celebration had to be postponed several times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And even now, on Saturday, November 6, 2021, it could be held only with a reduced number of visitors.


Gratefully into the new century

From October 28 to 31, 2021, not only a gathering of the Annual Conference of the UMC in Poland was held in Warsaw, but also a special anniversary was celebrated.