April 4-7 Annual Conference Bulgaria-Romania in Veliko Tarnovo/Bulgaria
April 11-14 Annual Conference Serbia-Macedonia in Skopje/Macedonia
April 25-28 Annual Conference in Obuda/Hungary
May 17-19 Annual Conference Czech Republic-Slovakia in Prague/Czechia
May 30-June 2 Annual Conference in Graz/Austria
June 13-16 Annual Conference Switzerland-France-North Africa in Wettingen/Switzerland
June 21-23 Annual Conference in Ostroda/Poland
September 13-14 Fund for Mission in Europe in Velletri/Italy
September 14-17 European Methodist Council in Velletri/Italy
October 3-7 Central Conference Women's Seminar in Budapest/Hungary
October 25-27 IMT Mission Summit in Louisville, KY/USA
December 2-5/6 European Cabinets' Meeting in Braunfels/Germany
March 12-15 Executive Committee of the Central Conference of Central and Southern Europe in Vienna/Austria