A better future for Hungary?

Some days ago a recording was released to the public about the Prime Minister's speech at a Socialist Party meeting held even before the parliamentary elections in May this year. The Prime Minister uses very bad words when speaking about his country and his nation and admits that through the past years they were only lying and did not do anything for the well-being of the country. They used their time and the country's money not for governing but only to campaign for the coalition parties. They had not given the real picture of the economy before the elections and misled the people who voted for them.

Immediately - that same evening - several thousands of people gathered at the Parliament to demonstrate and demand the Prime Minister's resign. This peaceful demonstration has been there since then and is commited to stay until the change happens. People feel hurt and disillusioned. There is a deep political and moral crisis in the country.

In the meantime - on Monday last week - a group of extreme youth went to the TV building and a violent fight started among them and the police. Nobody knows why the police had not stopped them before it became so serious. There were similar cases the following two days. Those demonstrating peacefully do not have anything to do with these extreme groups. However, the government, the leaders of the coalition parties, the Prime Minister among them, try to connect the two and say that the opposition, Fidesz, had planned all these violent actions.

Now the public media does not speak about what the prime Minister had done and had said, but try to convince people about the threat what Fidesz brings. They need this because the local governmental elections are held on October 1, and this is their only chance to get votes if they influence the public atmosphere and plant fear.

Through the past week many representatives of the intelligence, writers, artists, politicians joined the demonstrators and expressed their agreement and support to them. It seems that this time people do not want to give up and hope for a better future for Hungary. They want a reliable government and a reliable policy for Hungary.

The governing powers want to degrade the whole and paint a false picture again.

The Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary has formulated a statement against lies, disapproving all kinds of violence. A similar statement was formulated by the Roman Catholic Church as well.

This is not the full picture but it may give a little insight in the matter. Please, pray for us, pray for the spiritual renewal of our nation and for the political changes in the country.

Author: Eva Csernak, Budapest
Date: September 26, 2006