Days of Renewal in Poland

In late August 2013, about 230 people from 27 Methodist congregations participated in this year’s «Days of Renewal» of the United Methodist Church in Spała – the largest number in the history of this event.

Not only the total number of participants increased compared to the past years – it was also a joy to see that this growth was reflected in all age groups. «Here in Poland, we experienced the fresh, new wave of the Holy Spirit who mobilized and motivated different people among us to take charge in various ministry opportunities during the event.» This was the impression of Pastor Janusz Daszuta, chairperson of the Commission on Mission and Evangelization of the UMC in Poland, which was responsible for the organization of this event. «We had those who served the children or ministered to our youth, and we were challenging adults in seven different workshops. They addressed various needs and encouraged the participants to discover new ways of growth and to take advantage of opportunities to witness to other people – through the written word, careful Bible Study and joyful songs.»

The main speaker was Chris Blake, principal of Cliff College in the United Kingdom. He had come to Poland with his wife Joy to provide spiritual leadership through their testimony and proclamation of God’s word during morning and evening sessions. Pastor Daszuta gratefully expressed that many people were changed by what they heard and what they experienced with God: «We will remember how the Spirit of God moved Friday evening, when many people decided to commit or recommit their lives to Christ.» It was also encouraging to see how the wish to organize a youth camp in 2014 found open ears and that different individuals and local churches made a strong commitment to provide assistance for this ministry in future.

Late evenings were taken up by the fellowship in «Night Cafés». Men and women from Kielce and Katowice had prepared regional theme cafés – it was tasty, fun and memorable.

Many participants, guests and also leaders expressed new hope for the future of the UMC in Poland. However, Pastor Daszuta underlined one important issue: «Renewal and revival starts in the heart of each individual, and we hope that we will not just live with memories of Spała but take these new things and hopes to our local churches and homes.»

Source: Pastor Janusz Daszuta, Kielce
Date: September 4, 2013