A New Church in Gerlachov (Slovakia)

The three days from September 5 to 7, 2014, have become most memorable for Methodists in Slovakia. Joy and thankfulness to God filled the hearts of many who assembled to celebrate a special event: after years of mission activities in Gerlachov, a new church was established there.

The history of mission in this pretty High Tatra Mountains area village goes back to the nineties of the last century. A married couple from Switzerland visiting Gerlachov was deeply moved by the misery of the Roma settlement there. They challenged some Christians to help these poor people. It was the Child Evangelism Fellowship who answered this call. In the course of time, however, a need arose to take care of those who have become adults. Having been involved in the work in Gerlachov for several years, the Methodist Pastor Vojtech Sirkovsky and his brother Luboslav addressed the local school in order to find suitable premises. The response was positive, and they were offered the lower basement. Following a reconstruction, which was financed by the UMC in Slovakia, it was possible to start mission meetings in 2008. Luboslav Sirkovsky was appointed local pastor, and he worked alone as missionary until just recently.

There is a growing number of professing members and a lot of children as well as interested people in Gerlachov. Now the mission church has been declared local church and formally included as a part of Michalovce charge. Pastor Luboslav Sirkovsky has now five locals who bear the responsibility for the church together with him. Pray for this young ethnic church, which is quite isolated – 160 kilometers from Michalovce!

Author: Supt. Pavel Procházka, Bratislava/Slovakia
Date: September 12, 2014