Days of Renewal in Poland

The end of August is a special time for The United Methodist Church in Poland.

Every year church leaders from different parts of the country organize the «Days of Renewal». And although this camp took place for the 12th time already, it has been more successful than it has ever been. From August 22 to 24, 2015, about 320 people from all over Poland came to Warsaw – this is the largest number of participants in the history of this event. Prior to this event, a youth congress with 30 participants took place.
A major event during these «Days of Renewal» was a concert of the band «Glorify» from Oklahoma (USA). They included the participation in this unique event in the music mission tour they had organized with 5 local churches. Rev. Ray Crawford from the USA served as evangelist, and his message touched many hearts.
The «Days of Renewal» are a special time for all generations. There are workshops, lectures, Bible studies in small groups and times of worship and praise in the plenary.
Videos and pictures can be found on the website of the UMC in Poland.

Source: Supt. Jozef Bartos, Poland
Date: August 27, 2015