Rebirth of a local church

The United Methodist Church in Estonia consists of 25 local churches with about 1'400 professing members. One of these churches has started a journey of hope - not the least because of a new project for young adults.

Some years ago, the United Methodist congregation in the small town of Kunda, Estonia, almost ceased to exist. Only a few teenagers met occasionally with a pastor. There was no regular work, and there were no services either. With financial support from the Fund for Mission in Europe, a project called «Year For God» started in August 2015 under the leadership of pastor Robert Tserenkov. Six young people enrolled, all of them students at the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary in Tallinn.

In September 2015, the «Year For God» project directly impacted the small Kunda church. The young people initiated weekly events for teenagers and children, and at least 20 of them started to gather each Saturday. Some new adults also began to come to church.

All of the interns in the project want to continue in ministry as lay leaders. One of them is becoming a really good preacher, two of them are interested in Christian media ministries. Two are working with children and teenagers, one of them in worship and music. The Year for God has given the youth a good opportunity to explore different ministries and practice their gifts.

Source: District Superintendent Taavi Hollman, Tallinn (Estonia) / Fund for Mission in Europe
Date: January 10, 2017