More than just a redesign

The website of The United Methodist Church in the Central Conference of Central and Southern Europe was not only redesigned – there is also a new address to access it.
Who, for instance, was looking for information on The United Methodist Church (UMC) in Albania, Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, France, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Tunisia, could find this on http://www.umc-europe.org so far.
However, the UMC in Europe consists of more countries than the ones covered by the Central Conference of Central and Southern Europe. Therefore, this web address has always been misleading to a certain extent. When the works to redesign the old website started, it was clear that a new website would also need to have a new address: http://www.umc-cse.org. UMC continues to be the abbreviation of «United Methodist Church», CSE is the abbreviation of «Central and Southern Europe». This means that the new address is similar to the ones of the United Methodist websites of the Nordic and Baltic Area - http://www.umc-ne.org - and of Eurasia - http://www.umc-eurasia.ru.
At the same time, the e-mail addresses were changed, as well. As of now, you can reach the leaders of the Central Conference by using addresses following the pattern firstname.familyname@umc-cse.org. Or, in case of the bishop of this area, by simply using bishop@umc-cse.org.
The new website was created by Thomas Rodemeyer, former employee of the Office of Bishop Patrick Streiff. It includes brief descriptions of the individual countries, news stories on church events and developments, an agenda, a download section, and additional information.
Source: Urs Schweizer, Assistant to Bishop Patrick Streiff, Zurich