God's Providence and the United Methodist Connection

In February 2018, two fascinating weeks revealed that the United Methodist connection in Central and Southern Europe is alive – and that God’s providence is a reality, as well. Pastor Bence Vigh from Kaposvár UMC in Hungary reports about an unexpected answer to his prayers.
«Five years ago, when I arrived to Kaposvár, I realized how important it would be to change the old chairs. I looked for new ones, but we couldn’t find the finances for them. Finally, I gave up, because I knew there were many other things to develop on our building, and chairs were not the most important concern.
In early February 2018, I got an e-mail from our Superintendent, informing us on 50 chairs, a pulpit and an altar table, which a church in Switzerland would give away for free. I immediately felt they were for us. So, I sent an e-mail to the Bishop’s Office, asking to reserve these pieces of church furniture for us. I prayed and said to God: ‘If you want to give us these chairs, you will make it smooth for us. If you don’t want to give them to us, I will let them go.’
The whole procedure was prepared for us by God. Doors were opening easily. Our leadership was unified on the issue to take this furniture from Switzerland. I knew that the finances would be the main question. However, God filled our needs in this regard, as well.
One week later, we were on the road to Switzerland! After many hours of driving, Sylvia and Hanspeter Minder, the pastors of Aarau UMC, showed us great hospitality, and they accommodated us in their apartment. On the next morning, we picked up the chairs, the table and the pulpit in Niedergösgen, where we met a real Christian brother, called Christian von Arx.
I took some photos of the old, typical Methodist Church in Niedergösgen. I found it sad that services are no longer taking place at this church. The rest of the congregation will join Aarau UMC.
Then we started our journey back home. Through the rapid roads of Europe, we were travelling a little bit slower with the furniture of the Lord’s house.
Finally, our church members were very happy, because these chairs became signs for us. Signs of God’s providence: that He knows our slightest sighs. And a sign of mission: to invite people, because there are seats for them in the church».
Source: Pastor Bence Vigh, Kaposvár (Hungary)