Results of the First Ballot of the Election of a new Bishop

The 68 voting delegates to the extraordinary session of the Central and Southern Europe Central Conference held a first ballot for the election of a successor to Bishop Patrick Streiff on Thursday evening, November 17, 2022.
In the first ballot - conducted without prior nominations or candidacies - the following persons received at least two votes (the minimum number required for eligibility in the second ballot):

Stefan Zürcher (CH), 29 votes

Andrea Brunner-Wyss (CH), 11 votes

Claudia Haslebacher (CH), 4 votes

Markus Bach (CH), 4 votes

Stefan Weller (CH), 4 votes

Sarah Bach (CH), 2 votes

Monika Zuber (PL), 2 votes

Etienne Rudolph (FR), 2 votes

Stefan Schröckenfuchs (AT), 2 votes

Stefan Zolliker (CH), 2 votes

Ivana Prochazkova (CZ), 2 votes

The following persons have declared that they are not available for election.

Claudia Haslebacher, Stefan Zolliker, Stefan Schröckenfuchs, Etienne Rudolph, Ivana Prochazkova, Sarah Bach

In the second ballot, which will be held on Friday afternoon, November 18, 2022, the following people will, therefore, be eligible:

Stefan Zürcher (CH), Andrea Brunner-Wyss (CH), Markus Bach (CH), Stefan Weller (CH), Monika Zuber (PL)
Author: Urs Schweizer, Assistant of the Bishop, Zurich