Annual Conference in Hungary

The Hungary Provisional Annual Conference met April 22-25, 2009, in Budapest. Bible studies, worship services and reports referred to Romans 5:5 – the 2009 watchword for the UMC in Hungary, which provides much hope for a Hungarian society suffering from economic, political but also moral problems.

The Conference celebrated the colorful ministries for and with Romanies – a strong witness of love and hope in a time where the Romanies are made the scapegoats for the current problems. Another reason to rejoice was the development of the host church, Budapest-Obuda UMC – 10 years ago this church was founded, today it is a very dynamic and strong congregation with various outreach ministries.

The Conference renewed its decision to build a church in Miskolc in order to strengthen the mission work, which is carried out there. It is a church the faithful Brothers and Sisters are longing for since decades already – and it will be a church, which can only be built with support from the worldwide Methodist family.

At the end of the meeting a delegation from the Petersburg District in Virginia joined the Conference family. They came to explore the possibility of a In-Mission-Together-Partnership between their district and the Hungary Provisional Annual Conference. It is inspiring and encouraging how such partnerships prove to be sources of mutual support and joint mission activities.