An Opportunity for Learning and Sharing

«Come and see!» This invitation has been extended countless times in the past 2000 years. People of all generations have been so much touched by God’s love that they wanted other people to have this experience as well.

There was, for instance, a boy and a girl in Plzeň (Czech Republic), who did not only persuade their mother to allow them to participate in the program of the «Rainbow-Center» of the UMC but to accompany them to the family summer camp, as well. As oncologist she was regularly faced with very serious and sad life stories. And, like the majority of people in the Czech Republic, she did not try to find the answers to the questions of her life in the church. But then she nevertheless went to the summer camp – and what she heard in many conversations, what she experienced together with her children and what she finally felt in her own heart, changed her life. She had accepted the invitation to come and see – and trusting in Jesus Christ she found peace and hope.

However, sometimes the invitation alone is not enough. Therefore all over Europe individuals and local churches are reaching out in as many various ways as possible in order to let others, through their words and their actions, experience God’s love, hope and peace.

However they may put love into action – what they have in common is a great commitment. But in many cases they also still have to rely on financial support from others. For example from you! Therefore once again a project list of the Fund for Mission in Europe has been prepared, which can be downloaded from http://www.umc-europe.org/home_1_d.php. The Fund for Mission in Europe has been established about 20 years ago as an instrument of solidarity between East and West. In the meantime people from more than a dozen countries in Eastern and Western Europe are contributing towards the joyful reality that the Fund is increasingly becoming what it aims to be: an instrument of truly mutual sharing.

Source: Fund for Mission in Europe (Urs Schweizer)
Date: March 6, 2013