Terror Attacks in Brussels

A Statement of Bishop Patrick Streiff on the terror attacks in Brussels.

Terrorist attacks are shocking, in every place in the world whether far away or near, whether done in free democracies or in countries under dictatorial regimes, whether in traditionally Christian or Muslim countries. Our prayers are now with those in Brussels who have lost loved ones, with those wounded, and with those who bravely serve in emergency situations in rescuing and strengthening security.
As those who follow Jesus, the crucified and resurrected One, we need to continue in doing good as much as we can, in building respectful community, in working for peace and justice, in being agents of reconciliation and never give up despite blind violence, hatred or paralyzing fear, wherever we live.
Let us continue to follow Christ in this week of Passion and Easter.

Bishop Patrick Streiff
Date: March 22, 2016