Open letter to the Wesleyan Covenant Association

In an open letter to the Wesleyan Covenant Association, the three European bishops Christian Alsted (Nordic + Baltic Area), Harald Rückert (Germany) and Patrick Streiff (Central and Southern Europe) have called for a preservation of mutual respect.
The background of this letter, which can be read in full HERE, is not the decision of the members of the Bulgaria-Romania Annual Conference itself to separate from The United Methodist Church. The path, however, that the Bulgarian Methodists have taken by deciding to separate immediately and join the Global Methodist Church on May 1, 2022, in defiance of the procedure provided for in the Book of Discipline, cause to talk.
Disappointed by the experience that no representative of the Wesleyan Covenant Association and Good News has expressed any reservations about the Bulgarian violation of church order and disregard for Episcopal leadership, the three European bishops have affirmed that they will continue to be respectful and fair to all conferences, congregations, and pastors. However, they now demand this respect and fairness from others as well.
Source: Bishops Christian Alsted / Harald Rückert / Patrick Streiff