The UMC in the Czech Republic

In 1920, missionaries from the US began their work in the then combined state ofCzechoslovakia. They organized revival meetings, distributed Bibles, and helped people still suffering from the consequences of the First World War. In the following years, many local churches were established – first in what is now the Czech Republic, later in what is now the Slovak Republic. The Church grew rapidly but also experienced politically and financially difficult times. Today the UMC is very mission-oriented; this is clearly seen in its evangelistic programs and the varied activities for children and youth. The social services for mothers and their children, for people with special needs, for drug or alcohol dependent persons, for prisoners and those on the parole are another priority of the church work. This work lends credibility to the Gospel message, and through it, people find a new outlook on their lives, and get ready to share the love, which they themselves have received. The UMC in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia is organized in a cross-border Annual Conference with two districts. 

Statistical Information

Population: 10.58 millions
Area: 78,866 km2
Capital: Prague
Religion: unaffiliated (86%),
                    Roman-Catholic (10%)
UMC Churches: 23
Professing members: 856
Active Clergy: 18
Origin: 1920
Website: www.umc.cz/en

(March 2019)

Meeting of Czechia-Slovakia Annual Conference

The 2019 meeting of Czechia-Slovakia Annual Conference took place from May 17 to 19 in Prague. In the closing worship service, the congregation could not only hear words in Czech and Slovak but also in English (sermon of the Bishop) and in Russian (songs). 


To the Glory of God

The 2018 meeting of the Annual Conference Czech Republic-Slovakia of The United Methodist Church took place from May 25-27, 2018, in Bratislava (Slovakia).


New United Methodist congregation in Prague (Czech Republic)

There are already four United Methodist congregations in Prague – three of them are Czech-speaking, one is English-speaking. Now a Russian-speaking church was added.


Methodist Vice-President of the Ecumenical Church Council in Czech Republic

Over the course of many decades, United Methodists have served as bridge-builders between Churches of different traditions. It is therefore no surprise that they also assumed leadership positions in ecumenical organizations quite often. The latest example is the Ecumenical Church Council in the Czech Republic, where Petr Procházka, Superintendent of The United Methodist Church in the Czech Republic, was elected as first vice-president.