No Name

These days a new project list of the Fund for Mission in Europe has been published - an opportunity to get to know various inspiring ministries throughout Europe.

In the Bernese Oberland there is a so-called «Flower Trail». This trail is a quite fascinating mixture of walking, enjoying the wonderful view of the Swiss Alps and discovering a variety of flowers. Fortunately there are small signs for the botanic ignoramuses. They are very helpful in regard to not overlooking the special flowers, and in addition, one can also quite easily learn what kinds of flowers are actually lining the trail. It is, however, very interesting that there are considerably many signs on which only a German and a Latin name of the respective flower is written. When it comes to the description for the English-speaking visitors, the sign says: «English: No Name.» It remains an open question whether those who prepared the signs simply did not know the English names of these flowers or whether these flowers really never put down roots in English-speaking areas. Whatever the case may be – the «Flower Trail» is a quite unique reminder of the reality that there are many things under the sun for which a considerable part of humanity does not know a name. As long as this applies to special and sometimes strange flowers only, this might be a rather insignificant insight. But what if justice, gratefulness, willingness to share, love of neighbor, or hope do no longer exist in the languages of people’s lives? What if people do no longer know a name for God?

In many Methodist congregations throughout Europe, women and men would like to share their journey with Christ with their neighbors. This means that they try to find new expressions of faith, which can be understood in the present age. But most of all it means that they try to authentically live their faith – love in action. The present brochure of the Fund for Mission in Europe refers to a number of ministries, which mirror these very aims; ministries, which help people to find a new hope for their lives – and in many cases a relationship to God, for whom they did not know any name so far. Migrants on the Iberian Peninsula; Russian-speaking youth in Estonia; prison inmates in Bulgaria; people belonging to the Roma minority in Hungary; young skaters in Romania, and many more.

Your donations to the Fund for Mission in Europe really make a difference in the lives of others. Therefore we are very thankful for your support. And therefore we would like to ask you once again to continue supporting these various ministries. Thank you so much for graciously sharing what you have!

And who knows – maybe you can’t read what is happening at so many European places without being touched. Maybe you will be encouraged and inspired by these examples of a credible faith to think anew how you would like to meet your neighbors who do no longer know a name for God.

Source: Urs Schweizer, Manager of the Fund for Mission in Europe
Date: March 4, 2015